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Entangld: An Interview Platform

Updated: Feb 5

The Motivation

The Process

The hiring process today still feels clunky. There are multiple layers of filtration from talent companies, in-house HR, Application Management Systems, until finally a resume lands on the desk of a hiring manager. And when the candidate is finally interviewed, exhaustively by a team of engineers, the feeling is more of exhaustion than satisfaction. And if life is hard for the hiring manager, it is soul crushing for the job seeker. Carefully formatting you resume, creating an account on multiple job boards, applying to hundreds of jobs, all in the hopes that someone will interview you.

The Tools

Lets looks at the tools we use to evaluate candidates:

  1. Resumes are hardly an objective truth. Candidates often create multiple versions of resumes depending on the job they are applying to and what they think those companies want to see. Candidates will put whatever is necessary to attract attention and land an interview. One can hardly blame them though. After all, if an application is rejected by the AMS or the talent team, there is little hope of getting hired.

  2. Coding platforms which evaluate candidates by having them write programs, tend to be open for abuse. Especially today when you can take the help of ChatGPT and other AI tools to do most of the work for you.

The Workarounds

  1. Talent\HR companies make it their sole purpose to scout out talent for you, but these companies also fail on two fronts:

    1. They are unlikely to evaluate candidates as effectively as a skilled professional hiring for his own company. It is a hard truth that such professionals are unlikely to work for a talent company.

    2. They are not scalable. Ultimately the time they possess to interview is still capped by the number of people they employ.

  2. Applications Management Systems, whether they filter by key words or "AI" are still very open to manipulation. You can get ChatGPT to write your resume after all.

  3. Referrals are great if you can get them. However, again, if you are referring a friend or a family member, that is hardly without bias

The Idea

There is nothing like a verbal interview to truly reveal a candidate's skills, confidence and depth of knowledge. The idea then is to build a cloud platform that incentivizes skilled professionals to become interviewers. These interviewers can objectively evaluate a candidate as if they were hiring them for their own company and provide the hiring managers with a far more objective evaluation of the candidates.

  1. There is a monetary payoff for every interview by a professional.

  2. There is a corresponding cost to every interview for the job seeker

  3. Companies looking to hire get access to a voice recording of the interview, along with any visuals presented and the evaluation of the interviewer

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